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One Month American

I forgot I was American. At least I didn’t feel American when I returned from China. I truly became Chinese. I’ve been back on U.S. soil for a month now and sometimes things are still really weird. Leaving China was one of the most bittersweet things I’ve ever felt. By the end of my contract … Continue reading One Month American

The World of Zhangjiajie

A magical trip to the real Avatar mountains By now you’ve probably heard about the world of Pandora which recently opened at Walt Disney World, and you’ve probably already been. But did you know that you could actually visit the real life Pandora in the mountains of China? The Heavenly Pillar and the many other … Continue reading The World of Zhangjiajie

Chinese New Year

My Chinese New Year adventure was one of the most amazing things i’ve ever done in my life. It was filled with new experiences, it was scary, it was exciting, it was simply amazing (well mostly).  The start of our trip was incredibly rough. Unfortunately I was sick and stayed sick throughout the first week … Continue reading Chinese New Year

take the road less traveled on

Two months ago I walked through the airport in tears wondering if I was making the right decision to leave my life behind and start something completely new. I’m turning 25 soon and as many know, I’ve already begun my ‘quarter life crisis’. I suppose that’s how I ended up in China. I’ve struggled lately … Continue reading take the road less traveled on

something waits beyond these palace walls

It’s still crazy to think that I've been in China for over a month already. Almost every day on my walk to work I forget that I'm living in a foreign country when it is so obvious that I am. I'm surrounded by a culture, language, environment, and scent that are all completely new to … Continue reading something waits beyond these palace walls